Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuba Libre’?

 So whose idea was this "treaty" with Cuba ? Is this obama acting on his own again ? If so... how is he able to get away with it? If this was obamas "people", how were THEY allowed to get away with this. Doesn't Congress or the "will of the people" mean anything anymore ?  We've gone 50 years w/out Cuba,why do we need them now ????  D.W. Wilber | Dec 18, 2014 

So who benefits the most from this new ‘relationship’ between the United States and Cuba? Aficionados’ will soon be able to smoke fine Cuban cigars without having to smuggle them into the U.S., but beyond that what exactly has the U.S. gained by Barack Obama’s diplomatic overture towards the brutal communist dictatorship in Havana?
The Caribbean island has been locked in the 1950’s for decades as the rest of the world moved into the twenty-first century. But while trapped in the past Cuba has certainly been involved over the years in current events, and usually not in a particularly positive way.

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