Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Here’s Why You Probably Shouldn't Strap A Jet Engine To A Mini Cooper     Yeah, it wasn't great     yahoo.com

In life, we’re told to applaud the creative. Even if what they create turns out to be useless, a pat on the back is a prerequisite for thinking outside of the box. Except in the case of the jet-powered Mini Cooper. That’s just plain stupid. 
At Snetterton raceway in Norfolk, England, on what looks to be a delightfully British summer’s day, the man with the jet strapped to the back of his Mini lines up for his glorious demonstration run. As he approaches the first turn, gaining speed magnificently, he promptly, and rather predictably, slides wide, into — and then through — the steel barriers. 
“Who thought that was a good idea,” says the bemused British chap watching on. “Didn’t I say there wasn’t enough road?” There is never enough road when your small hatchback boasts a six-foot-long jet engine protruding out of the trunk. It is, then, impossible to give the driver a slap on the back and say, “good on ya for trying.” The more pertinent question would probably be, “what the hell were you thinking?”

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