Monday, June 1, 2015

No way to prove or disprove, only Yoko and Hillary know the truth

Hillary Did Not Sleep with That Woman, Yoko Ono

The web blossomed briefly then flamed out sharply over a purported story that Yoko Ono had claimed she had a brief affair with Candidate Clinton.
The World News Daily Report published an article titled Yoko Ono:’I Had An Affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s. According to that article, Yoko Ono “shocked reporters” at a press conference when she casually admitted to a decades-earlier intimate partnering with former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton.
Ono reportedly said:
“We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in. We had a brief romantic fling  

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