Monday, June 1, 2015

Poor black people, never get a break.........WHAT ?

Harvard: “Black-On-Black Violence” Is Inappropriate Language, The Reason Is Remarkable
Harvard: “Black-On-Black Violence” Is Inappropriate Language, The Reason Is Remarkable
A new report issued by Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Session on Policing and Public Safety says that the term black-on-black violence is “a simplistic and emotionally-charged definition of urban violence that can be problematic when used by political commentators, politicians, and police executives.”
What’s amusing is that they preface this statement with the following gem:
Research has long documented that most violence occurs within racial groups and that black Americans — often victimized by black offenders — experience disproportionately high levels of violent crime.
The researchers also argue that black-on-black violence is an ill-suited term because it promotes “inappropriate policing activities in black neighborhoods, which in turn erode the community’s trust and confidence in the police and inhibit co-operation with them.”
Furthermore, “[b]ecause the police represent the most visible face of government and have primary responsibility for maintaining public safety in all neighborhoods, [researchers] contend that police executives in particular should avoid framing urban violence problems in this way.”
    So everybody in the world should stop describing black-on-black violence as black-on-black violence because it offends black people — and because it promotes “inappropriate policing activities,” i.e., racial profiling.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but so what? Black-on-black violence exists and is a huge problem in this country, so maybe instead of trying to protect people’s feelings, we all ought to be a whole lot more upfront and honest about it 

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