Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pa. Paper Prints Letter Calling For Obama’s Execution            01 June, 2015 Downtrend reports:

    The Daily Item of Sunbury  published a letter on Memorial Day, no less, that called for the death of President Obama by “guillotine, firing squad” or “public hanging.”
    The author was listed as “W. Richard Stover” of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. It’s a diatribe against the President’s leadership, calling him the “lead-from-behind coward-in-chief,” and blames him for the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. He then calls for a violent insurrection:

  To the families of those fallen heroes whose blood lies on the sands of Iraq; don’t you think it might be time to rise up against an administration who has adequately demonstrated their gross incompetence?
   I think the appropriate, and politically correct, term is regime change. Forgive me for being blunt, but throughout history this has previously been accompanied by execution by guillotine, firing squad, public hanging.

   I have absolutely no reason to expect that current practice should be any different. The end result is elimination of the problem, the method is superfluous. When society dictates, the end always justifies the means, otherwise the action would not be taken.

  In an editorial three days later, the paper apologized for letting the paper slip into their pages.
  There is no excuse for the letter The Daily Item published on Memorial Day. We did something we shouldn’t have and the readers who called us on it deserve accountability,” they write. “Our readers and critics have reacted in force, as they should have. We accept their judgment and embrace the calls for heightened awareness and a higher standard for civil discourse.
   The Daily Item apologizes for our failure to catch and remove the inappropriate paragraphs in the letter directed at President Obama. We will strive to do better in the future.”

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