Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BRIBERY: "Reclassify & Bury a Benghazi document to protect HILLARY!"
Judge Nepalitano: Why? Because she has exposed National Secrets hundreds of times!"
Megyn Kelly Left Dumbfounded After Judge Napolitano Proves That Hillary Bribed The FBI
Recently, Andrew Napolitano was interviewed by Megyn Kelly and the judge exposed the truth about Hillary Clinton’s investigation. Kelly was left in shock and while the judge confirmed that Kelly’s precious nominee is nothing but a phony, a sham…
“The offering of the carrot as you put it, even though it was not accepted by the FBI, is an attempt to commit bribery,” started Napolitano.
“The FBI didn’t see it that way. They didn’t charge him with anything either because they felt they couldn’t prove the case or maybe the FBI was in the tank for Mrs. Clinton and all of her people from day one of these investigations,” said Napolitano.
“Yes. That’s not easy to believe,” retorted Kelly. Napolitano continued, “it’s very, very difficult to believe. I agree with you. But the evidence is there.”
“And the FBI document which came out over the weekend, he offered me something of value, not to me personally but to the FBI if we would alter evidence. So, that’s an effort to bribe, to deface evidence, to obstruct justice. Was anybody charged with any of those crimes? No,” said Napolitano.

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