Monday, October 24, 2016


Geraldo: Media Bias Against Trump Is Like Nothing I've Seen
The mainstream media bias against Donald Trump is out of control, Fox News correspondent

Geraldo Rivera said Sunday night on Fox News Channel's "Justice With Judge Jeanine."
Rivera was referring to the way news outlets reported on Trump's Gettysburg address on Saturday afternoon: Most led with his talk of suing the 11 women who have accused him of sexual assault.

The New York Times ran the headline "Donald Trump Pledges to 'Heal Divisions' (and Sue His Accusers)" online while CNN ran with "Trump makes 'closing argument,' again attacks accusers."

"When I see Donald Trump I think he wakes up every day knowing that 20 of the best investigative reporters in the country working for The Washington Post are assigned to find dirt on him every day. Every day the best investigative reporters at The New York Times are assigned to find dirt on Donald Trump," Rivera said. "He wakes up to that every day. We talk in general terms about the mainstream media and bias but I have never in my half century of doing this seen actual proof."

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