Thursday, October 27, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – It is beginning.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been fighting to maintain law and order in the Mexican border-crossing region of Maricopa County, Arizona.  To protect the citizens who elected him Arpaio has relied on enforcing existing federal immigration laws.
Because of his stand in defense of federal immigration laws, Arpaio became known as Sheriff Joe and America’s sheriff.
However, while President Obama doesn’t like these federal laws he realizes it would be political suicide to try to get Congress to amend them.  Instead he’s issued a stand down order on enforcing those laws in order to advance the influx of Mexican “dreamers” because of their tendency to become Democrat voters.
Things have gotten so dangerous in southern Maricopa Country that warning signs have been posted for people who are entering that area:
Faced with a no-win situation, Arpaio chose honor his fiduciary responsibility and to do his best to keep the people of his county safe by continuing to rely on the existing federal laws to form the basis of his orders to his deputies.  The people of Maricopa Country have shown their appreciation for Arpaio by voting for him to be their sheriff uninterrupted since 1993.
Arpaio also became a supporter of Donald Trump and his plan for real border security.  Arpaio had heard the lip service that every other politician has been paying to the real-life problems of the local residents caused by those illegally entering southern Arizona for more than a decade and dismissed the other candidates as offering more of the same.

None of this has sat well with President Obama who has become increasingly dick-tatorial since he took office.  And, now Obama has removed any question that he is a dictator by demanding his corrupt DOJ arrest a popularly elected sheriff who is enforcing laws that run counter to Obama’s personal agenda.
This is tyranny on its face and cannot go unchallenged.  If we are to remain a country where the will of the people is honored then the rule of law must apply to every law and to every person no matter how powerful that person may be.
Arpaio is being prosecuted by the government for adhering to the laws of that same government simply because the most powerful man in the world has decided he doesn’t like those laws.  Or, could it be because Arpaio’s support of Donald Trump doesn’t meet with Obama’s approval.
Either way, the purge of those who do not fall in line with the policies of this administration has begun.

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