Saturday, October 29, 2016

Is she alive ??

Clinton Aide At Center Of New Email Probe No Longer Seen With Campaign   "... she may be at risk of telling lies to federal officials."   by Jack Davis October 29, 2016

A day after Americans learned that emails from her computer re-ignited the FBI’s investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Clinton aide Huma Abedin was nowhere to be found.

Reports from Clinton’s campaign plane Saturday failed to show Abedin in her usual place near Clinton.

An image from the campaign plane, taken Friday at the time the Clinton campaign learned of the FBI’s action, appeared to show a tearful Abedin.
The FBI announced Friday it was investigating new evidence that had been discovered since the July announcement that Clinton would not be indicted even though she used a non-secure private server to send and receive emails as secretary of state.

Sasquatch@Carpophores 6 hours ago
When is an Immunity Agreement no longer an Immunity Agreement. This election is so fun...I almost don't want it to end

News accounts reported that thousands of emails related to the FBI’s investigation of Clinton were found on a computer belonging to Abedin and Anthony Weiner, a former congressman from New York who sank his own career after a series of sexting episodes.
Last summer, it was revealed Weiner sent lewd photos of himself to another woman while his son was in bed next to him, leading Abedin to leave Weiner and announce she would file for divorce. That incident led to allegations that Weiner was sending lewd images and texts to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina, prompting an FBI investigation of Weiner that then uncovered the emails related to Clinton.

On Friday night, political consultant Karl Rove noted that although the episode is a political embarrassment for Clinton and a personal one for Abedin, it could be more.

Rove noted that what the FBI finds on Abedin’s computer could possibly contradict what she has said to the FBI in sworn testimony.

Abdein has said that she gave up all devices containing State Department emails.
“So what we may have here is a question of her veracity, and she may be at risk of telling lies to federal officials,” Rove said.
If true, that could lead to potential obstruction of justice or perjury charges, he said.
John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, said on Saturday Abedin had the campaign’s full support.
In a June deposition, Abedin made it clear she never purged her emails.
“I didn’t have a practice of managing my mailbox other than leaving what was in there sitting in there,” Abedin said. “I didn’t go into my emails and delete emails. They just lived on my computer. That was my practice for all my email accounts. I didn’t have a particular form of organizing them. I had a few folders, but they were not deleted. They all stayed in whatever device I was using at the time or whatever desktop I was on at the time.”

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