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I'm not really FOR an insurrection, BUT, Virginias government, Governor, Deputy Gov. and Attny General are all NUTS..!! There may be no other way....

After Virginia Goes After 2nd Amendment – Sanctuary Leaders Call For Citizens To Resist By Adam Casalino| December 30, 2019

After Virginia Goes After 2nd Amendment – Sanctuary Leaders Call For Citizens To Resist 
Virginia Democrats have taken over the state government. With their new-found majority, they are ramming through strict gun laws.

These laws will strongly curtail the 2nd Amendment rights of Virginia residents. They will learn quickly that elections have consequences.

So, many in the state are declaring their counties’ “sanctuaries” for gun rights. Already the state government is warning them not to.

But even sheriffs are refusing to comply with the liberal gun control laws.

Now, sanctuary leaders are calling on all Virginian residents to act

From Washington Examiner:

The clash in Virginia over gun control has reached a new level, with proponents of a gun “sanctuary” movement urging active resistance to Democratic proposals in Richmond, citing the arguments that led to the American Revolution.

“Resistance to illegal and unauthorized government acts is not new,” said two leaders of the movement in noting the decisions by the Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence that challenged Great Britain and King George III.
Two leaders of the sanctuary movement are calling on all residents to resist the Democrats’ new bogus laws.

Much like how the colonists resisted the British crown, these leaders are urging anyone who loves the 2nd Amendment not to comply.

They are encouraging all Virginian residents to embrace the new sanctuary policies. They are telling them not to comply with the forced confiscation of their guns by state officials.

It seems like the majority of Virginia residents are not okay with the new gun laws. You have to wonder how they even let these far-left radicals enter government?

Only now are they seeing how the Democrats are trying to strip away their rights. These new sanctuaries are striking back against laws that aim to destroy residents’ freedoms.

But this might only be the beginning. If these new bills are signed into laws, you better believe they will be taken to the courts.

This might go all the way to the Supreme Court, which will decide just how far states can go in violating our rights.

Let’s hope it does. Democrats need to learn that they can’t abuse their power and violate our freedoms.

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