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Opinion: Pelosi Is In Impeachment Trouble – The Senate Should Charge Her With Obstruction Of Congress
By Adam Casalino| December 20, 2019

Opinion: Pelosi Is In Impeachment Trouble – The Senate Should Charge Her With Obstruction Of Congress
Nancy Pelosi and her allies in the House rushed through a sham impeachment case.

With flimsy evidence and little support from the country, they rushed and rammed through for their wildly partisan impeachment.

They said it was urgent, but now Pelosi has refused to send these articles to the Senate, as is required by the Constitution.

The law demands that the articles must be delivered to the Senate so they can hold a trial. The Senate has sole power to vote to acquit or convict the president.

Pelosi is denying them their part of this process—after the House made a mockery out of this process.

She thinks she’s got the upper hand. But it might quickly blow up in her face.

From Breitbart:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is refusing to transmit the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump that the House of Representatives passed on Wednesday evening to the Senate for a trial.

She is, in the words of the articles, guilty of “obstruction of Congress.” And unlike President Trump, Speaker Pelosi has no constitutional basis whatsoever for refusing the request of one of the two houses that make up the legislative branch.

Pelosi dared to accuse Trump of “obstructing Congress” even though he was exercising his Constitutional rights.

Yet now, Pelosi is literal obstructing Congress by refusing to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

She thinks she has the power to dictate how the Senate conducts its trial. Um, does she think she’s in charge of the House AND the Senate?

Does she think she can run the government single-handedly? Not even the president has the power to do what she’s doing.

And she thinks she can get away with this!

It’s clear Nancy is out of line. She is abusing her power and obstructing her own impeachment from moving forward.

She is violating the will of the people and even ignoring her own party’s vote.

If there was anyone worthy of impeachment, it’s her.

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