Friday, December 6, 2019

Kellyanne Conway Just Sent Adam Schiff a Demand He’s Sure to Hate

The left despises Kellyanne Conway over her support of President Trump.

She has been by his side since day one, and unafraid to stand up to his enemies.

And she just sent Adam Schiff a demand he’s sure to hate.

The impeachment inquiry Adam Schiff has been running just changed venues, and is now before the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Nadler and his Democrat cronies will work off of the report Schiff compiled throughout his impeachment hearings, and haul in more witnesses to try to make the case that Trump needs to be impeached.

But this change of venue may cause a lot of problems for Schiff after counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway brought up one point while speaking to reporters.

She points out that, with the hearings no longer being in front of Schiff’s committee, he should be forced to testify in front of the new hearings.

And she is the one who wants to represent the White House during his testimony.

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