Wednesday, December 4, 2019

ROLLINS: Dem's Partisanship at all-time High With Impeachment 2019-12-04 by: TTN Staff
A veteran to 4 U.S. Presidential administrations calls out the incredible partisan sham that this impeachment crusade is in a new op-ed.

According to Ed Rollins in Fox News:

This is unprecedented. I have served four U.S. presidents, including two tours at the highest rank of White House staff as Assistant to the President.

I have also advised six different presidential campaigns, so I’ve lived and breathed politics for decades.

As chairman of Great America PAC, I worked hard to help elect President Trump, so I understand just how determined the Left is to not only undermine his agenda, but ultimately remove him from office.

Such partisanship is not only antithetical to our democracy, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for future dealings between a sitting president and the opposition party. If the Democrats can pursue impeachment now—when there are virtually no grounds to so—are we to expect an impeachment inquiry every four years?Rollins goes on to urge Republicans to mobilize because while Democrats have impeachment President Trump has a booming economy among other things.

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Sarthurk said...

Schiff is the definition of Treason.