Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Bill Written In Hell By The Devil Himself  
CHQ Staff  3 days ago

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is a steady limited government constitutional conservative, so when he said, “I think I disagree with every single word in H.R. 1, including the words ‘but,’ ‘and,’ and ‘the,’” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” conservatives should take notice.

But Senator Lee wasn’t done, when pressed further for his thoughts on H.R.1, the misnamed “For The People Act,” Lee said “Everything about this bill is rotten to the core. This is a bill as if written in hell by the devil himself,” he continued, saying he thinks the bill, if signed into law, would amount to an overreach by the federal government and take away “all sorts of decisions” away from states.

As Aris Foley
reported in an article for The Hill, Sen. Lee suggested he thinks that H.R. 1, which awaits consideration in the Senate, is “apparently in an effort to ensure an institutional, revolutionary, Democratic party of sorts.”

“One that can remain in power for many decades to come. It does this by taking away these decisions. Elections in America has always been conducted at the state and local level. They are completely flipping that principle on its head, so that these things can all be micromanaged from Washington,” he continued before observing the measure is unconstitutional.

And just to make things perfectly clear Sen. Lee concluded by saying, “That’s wrong. It’s really wrong. It’s bad policy.”

H.R. 1 requires states to enact online, automatic, and same-day voter registration and to give voting rights to the formerly incarcerated, and does away with voter ID laws by allowing voters to sign sworn affidavits instead of showing an ID.

The bill also requires all states to hold 15 days of early voting as well as no-excuse mail voting while offering online ballot tracking and prepaid postage, and the option for voters to return their ballots at drop boxes.

Got that?

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Bill589 said...

Don't worry. The DC GOP all campaigned for our votes as patriot warriors and we know they will keep their promise and fight for us. /sarc