Friday, March 19, 2021

We're gonna be the laughing stock of the world.....

China Mocks And Attacks The United States On U.S. Soil; Biden Admin Struggles To Respond   By Ryan Saavedra•  Mar 19, 2021

The Biden administration struggled during its first face-to-face meeting with communist China this week, which happened on U.S. soil, as the Chinese turned what was supposed to be an affair only lasting several minutes into a “public blowup” that lasted more than an hour.

The meeting was supposed to get both sides to the table to set the tone for relations between the two under President Joe Biden’s new Democrat administration. It was expected that the U.S. was going to bring up issues involving China, like human rights and its increasing aggression in numerous domains, but what was not expected was that China would mock the U.S. on U.S. soil. Many critics were stunned by the level of aggression that China showed to the U.S. and the weak response of the Biden administration.

As U.S.-Chinese relations have deteriorated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China, the communist nation has been sending signals that it is preparing itself for a possible military conflict with the United States since last Spring and as recently as last week.

The meeting began with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying that the Biden administration was committed to a “rules-based international order” and taking an apparent shot at China by warning that the alternative was “might makes right and winners take all,” which he said would make the world a “far more violent and unstable” place.

“We’ll also discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, and economic coercion toward our allies,” Blinken said. “Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability. That’s why they’re not merely internal matters and why we feel an obligation to raise these issues here today.”



rondo1342 said...

Wrong tense in the title....we already ARE the laughingstock of the world

Pappy said...

You are RIGHT ..!!