Friday, December 12, 2014

Again, the media.....This wasn't a school shooting, it was outside the school. the headline says 4, the video byline says 3, the article says 4 teenagers. I WISH THE MEDIA COULD GET IT'S FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE REPORTING. This makes it look like another shooting INSIDE a school

Portland School Shooting Injures Four, Police Say                                    Dec 12, 2014,  ABC NEWS

A shooting near a high school in Portland, Ore. was reported on Dec. 12, 2014

Four teenagers were shot at a Portland, Oregon, high school today and police are searching for the gunman.
The shooting took place outside Rosemary Anderson High School
A police spokesman said a girl, 16, was in critical condition and two teen boys were in serious condition. A fourth victim, a 19-year-old female, was grazed in the foot, police said.
The spokesman said all four were affiliated with the school as students or in a job training program.
"We are looking at the possibility that the shooter may be gang affiliated," the spokesman said, but it wasn't clear if the victims had any gang affiliations or were unintended victims of a shooting.
The shooter fled the scene, police said.
The school serves at-risk students who have been expelled, are homeless or single parents. According to the school's website, 190 students are enrolled.
A nearby high school and community college were also temporarily placed on lockdown.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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