Monday, December 8, 2014

Obama-Endorsed Plan Would Make Students ‘Honor’ Mike Brown in Absurd Ways

Just when you thought state education couldn’t possibly get any worse, the Obama administration backs a plan to teach kids in school about the innocent, unarmed, gentle giant named Michael Brown.

The Obama White House tweeted support for the following 5-step plan:

1. Ask students what they know, and what they want to know.
2. Help students make connections [to other similar cases in history].
3. Ask students to write letters.        

4. Create a classroom memorial.
5. Carry the theme for the rest of the year.

     Christopher Emdin, a liberal professor at Columbia University Teachers College, published an article at 
Huffington Post where he says it’s “imperative” that teachers find a way to bring the Michael Brown case into the classroom. Emdin goes on to say that Brown’s case should be connected with other similar cases in history and students should write letters to politicians and activists who are involved in the case.
    Unbelievably, Emdin is so oblivious to the evidence of the case that he goes as far as to say students should create a memorial for Michael Brown in their classrooms.
    Laughing is the only way to keep from crying..

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