Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not just the working class but the retired class also [ME]

The working class turns against Obama

Angry Working Class

President Obama has a problem (link is external) with white, working class people. It's not just him -- it's a problem for many Democrats that was exposed in the 2014 congressional elections. Why have working class whites turned against Obama and his party?
The stock answer from the left is racism. But the facts say Democrats have only themselves to blame (link is external):
So if Democrats want to win back the white working class — and they kind of need to, if they want to win elections, because it's an enormous demographic (link is external) — maybe they need to start thinking about honoring and encouraging work, rather than talking about race or class. One person who has some ideas in this direction is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (link is external), who suggests that the government invest heavily in infrastructure, which would create a lot of blue-collar jobs.   READ STORY

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