Monday, December 8, 2014

Georgia Town Bans Mosque In City Limits   By ,

And while they cite parking and hours in their rejection, it sure seems to me they rejected it because they don’t want a mosque in their city.
At first, the mayor said they had never allowed a church to rent space in a retail space and there was no precedent. When the Marietta Daily Journal reported that that exact space was rented twice by religious groups as recently as July, Mayor Mark Mathews said it wasn’t about precedent.
A video of the vote was posted by a Jim Cooley, who appears to support rejecting the mosque. The title of his video is “NO MOSQUE IN KENNESAW GEORGIA…GOD BLESS AMERICA.”
Discussion of the permit turned nasty pretty quickly.
“I am first a Christian and then an American citizen,” resident Jo Talley said. “As a Christian I am to put no other God before my Lord, and I am also to love my neighbor. If you know me, then you know that I do my best to do those things … but I also have the right to protect myself. This project has to do with Sharia law.”
Outside city hall, an anti-Islamic protest was being held, with protesters telling passers-by that Islam was not welcome in Kennesaw.

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