Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Watch U.S. Navy Test New Laser Gun    December 10th 2014

Nightly News The U.S. Navy's new laser gun may be the future of modern, close-in warfare and is a fraction of the cost per-use of other weapons systems. Published on Apr 10, 2013
Check out the Navy's amazing new laser gun.
    United States Navy officials have announced the development of a laser gun that can pin point and take down airborne vehicles and boats with an infrared laser.
Target accuracy during testing was 100 percent for the Navy's directed energy pulse weapon.
    The Air Force has canceled plans to have lasers mounted to military aircraft, but the latest Navy technology is successful and only costs around a dollar to shoot one round.
    The amount of energy and the range of the weapon are classified, and its performance in bad weather is iffy.
A video has been released of the laser gun shooting down an unmanned drone.
    Plans to deploy the Laser Weapons System in the Persian Gulf to take on drones are reportedly going to take place in 2014.
    The laser weapon will be installed on the USS Ponce, and will be fully operational next year.

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