Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trigger pulled to stop executive order on guns     There's only 1 way to hold  obama accountable'   Published: 9 hours ago   Leo Hohmann          


president obama’s boldness in acting alone to implement amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens begs the question: What other unilateral policies might be coming down the pike?
Could there be a Christmas Eve surprise?
Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation isn’t waiting to find out.
Gottlieb told WND he is launching a national media campaign this week to head off the possibility of executive action committing the United States to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. Also known as the U.N. “small arms treaty,” it is scheduled to go into effect Dec. 24 for those nations that have signed and ratified the document. The U.S. signed the treaty Sept. 23, 2013, but has not ratified it. China and Russia have never signed the document.
The Second Amendment Foundation’s effort is three-pronged, Gottlieb said, involving a phone-calling and ad campaign to build public awareness, a petition drive and a threat of legal action against the president should he take action to ratify the U.N. treaty without Senate approval.
“We just got the call center operational today, so the 800 number is functional now,” he told WND.
SAF will also launch television and radio messages in the coming days on Fox News, national talk-radio stations and other outlets. Interested parties can join the petition effort by calling 800-782-8685.

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