Sunday, April 5, 2020

Critical Of Trump But Over Twelve Thousand Died In 2009 ....Let's Remind Them Of Their Failed Leadership.

Just Chuck Schumer Bragging About Killing Swine Flu Funding In 2009

Everything Democrats accuse Republicans of doing, they themselves have done. Sen. Chuck Schumer bragging about killing Swine Flu funding in 2009. 

He also bragged about how he secured funding increases for New York instead of flu funding.

“This is the first bill in a very long time where New York gets back more than we put in and on every major issue New York did very, very well,” the Democrat said. If the bill remains unchanged, New York state stands to get $5 billion for Medicaid, $1.5 billion in cash for mass transit, $1 billion for police departments and billions more for road and bridge projects. 

“There was an attempt on the floor to cut New York’s money and we defeated it,” Schumer said. “New Yorkers can feel proud and walk tall because the federal government is coming to our aid in a way commensurate with our needs, as opposed to helping the rest of the country and sort of giving crumbs to New York.”

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