Friday, April 10, 2020

Inside NYC's Wet Markets - A "Ticking Time Bomb" Mar 30, 2020 Their Turn

New York City has over 80 wet markets (animal markets) that sell live animals to the public and slaughter them on site. Like the wet market in China where COVID-19 jumped from animal to human, NYC's wet markets are a petri dish for infectious diseases. Full story:

A real, not-clickbaity, average Chinese wet market

There's been a *lot* of nonsense going around online around Chinese wet markets these days, so we wanted to make a quick digression from our normal video and address the issue. This is a normal, every day wet market in China. No click-bait, no shock video, just a real, normal wet market.
There is some nuance to this issue that I wasn't able to get to in the video, so definitely check out the pinned comment below for a more detailed discussion than what was on camera.

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