Thursday, April 9, 2020

I posted a video earlier, this is another spin on the same story......

OFFICER KERIK: "In 2015, Bill Gates warned of a global pandemic. On January 10, 2017, Tony Fauci, who sits on Bill Gates' board, predicted a "viral surprise" for President Trump.
Then why didn't Dr. Fauci and the CDC prepare local and state governments for what he said was about to come?"

Why, indeed. Because:

Bill Gates influences and funds the WHO & the CDC.

WHO is run by the Communist Party.

Trump says the WHO gave the US bad data and very bad recommendations.

Bill Gates funds the Imperial College (climate change forecasters who created the 2.2 million death model) which Birx & Fauci originally used to shut down America.

Gates 100% funds the IHME model which Birx & Fauci are now using to keep America shut down.

Bill Gates sits on the board of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who built the Wuhan Biohazard lab where the virus was released.

Had enough coincidences ?
I don’t much believe in coincidence.

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