Monday, April 6, 2020

WAIT A MINUTE...Wasn't it the governors and mayors who SHUT DOWN and LOCKED DOWN the cities and states ? Weren't they the ones who told EVERYONE to stay HOME ? Don't you think ALL of them (pres. on down) had a hand in TANKING the ECONOMY..?? Wasn't it the mayors and gov.s that decided which businesses were allowed to be open ?..........So TRUMP TANKED THE ECONOMY HOW..????? Just remember, this is the governors, mayors and the MEDIA that is saying this....!

Dems find a rallying cry: 

Trump tanked the economy.!
By David Siders and Elena Schneider 4 hrs ago...

For most of the presidential campaign, the economy looked like the one thing that could overcome Donald Trump’s stubbornly low approval ratings and carry him to a second term. Even many Democrats acknowledged they had no cohesive economic message of their own.

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