Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I wonder if "DEEP STATE" will be on the ballot...??

Stay Vigilant! Barack Obama Preparing To Interfere In 2020 Elections  by Doyle Alexander 2 days ago

Former President Barack Obama could soon inject himself into the 2020 race.

But it’s not on behalf of his former Vice President, Joe Biden — who is struggling to lock up the presidential nomination.

Instead, Obama is eyeing intervening in the Democratic primary by speaking out against Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-V.T. According to Fox Business, insiders close to Obama say that he’s anxious about the progressive candidate’s growing popularity.

Obama doesn’t like the direction Sanders wants to turn the Democratic Party. And those close to the former president say that he doesn’t think Sanders is fit to be president… nor does he even think that Sanders would beat President Donald Trump.

The rumors, if true, are significant. 

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