Wednesday, January 29, 2020

They think you're a joke.....

Right on time: RNC drops new campaign ad off CNN elitist faceplant   Ed Morrissey Posted  on January 29, 2020

“CNN anchor Don Lemon, The New York Times’ Wajahat Ali and winless carnival barker and scam PAC artist Rick Wilson let everyday Americans know what the establishment thinks about them: President Trump’s supporters are just a bunch of illiterate idiots deserving of the elites’ smug derision,” RNC Spokesman Steve Guest told The Daily Wire in a statement. “In a matter of seconds, CNN summed up the elite left’s disdain for half of America.”

Guest added, “Reminder for voters: As Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders campaign across the South for your vote, Lemon, Ali, and Wilson just summarized what these candidates really think of you as they shake your hand and pose for selfies.”

In an email to voters, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that she was “absolutely disgusted” by the segment, which was viewed well over ten million times on Twitter in under 24 hours.

“The other night on CNN, Don Lemon and his liberal friends laid their cards on the table and made it obvious what ELITES think of everyday Americans who support President Trump,” McDaniel said in the fundraising email. “These radical hacks painted conservative voters as illiterate hillbillies on national television because they DESPISE President Trump and they DESPISE you.”

The inclusion of Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” was a no-brainer, but the RNC did a good job of finding more recent examples from this year’s field, too. Both Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden call Trump supporters racists, while on the competing progressive network, Chris Matthews also suggests they’re idiots. The RNC isn’t exaggerating this point; if anything they might be understating it.

Get ready for more iterations on this theme, because these claims will only get more and more prevalent as we get closer to November. The Democratic convention in July will likely have their video editors busy for weeks cutting new versions of this ad. By that time, the fact that both Democrats and the media haven’t learned that calling people idiots and racists isn’t an effective selling point will be revealing enough about the true issues of mental capacity in this market.

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