Friday, January 31, 2020

Rand Paul Schools Reporter on Whistleblower Protection
Bronson Stocking Posted: Jan 31, 2020

On Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) attempted to ask a question about two partisan Democrats who reportedly conspired to impeach the president before formal impeachment proceedings even began in the House. During a phase in the impeachment trial designed to allow senators to ask questions, Chief Justice John Roberts refused to read Rand's question because it contained the name of the partisan Democrat who has reportedly been identified as the whistleblower responsible for this entire impeachment sham. Robert's refusal to read Rand's question over concern of outing the alleged whistleblower only bolsters evidence that the partisan Democrat named in Rand's question is indeed the actual whistleblower.

People who don't know anything about the Whistleblower Protection Act immediately began calling for Senator Rand Paul to be arrested. Even members of the media act as if a person conspiring to bring down a duly elected president by plotting with the president's political enemies, and reportedly lying about it under oath, is entitled to complete anonymity and must answer no more than zero follow-up questions about their cockamamie scheme. Sen. Paul was forced to educate such a reporter after she falsely claimed that it was illegal for anyone ever to out a whistleblower.

"Actually," the senator began, "you got that wrong, too. You should work on the facts. The whistleblower statute protects the whistleblower from having his name revealed by the inspector general. Even The New York Times admits that no one else is under any legal obligation. The other point, and you need to be very careful if you are really interested in the news, is the whistleblower is actually a material witness completely separate from being the whistleblower because he worked for Joe Biden ... at the same time Hunter Biden was receiving $50,000 a month, so the investigation into the corruption of Hunter Biden involves this whistleblower because he was there at the time. Did he bring up the conflict of interest? Was there discussion of this? What was his involvement with the relationship between Joe Biden and the prosecutor? There's a lot of questions the whistleblower needs to answer."

Congressmen familiar with the testimony of the 18th witness in the Democratic-led House impeachment inquiry have accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of attempting to bury the transcript of Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. According to Rep. Ratcliffe (R-TX), the transcript shows the whistleblower perjured himself about his contact with a member of Adam Schiff's staff. Maybe this is why liberals want Sen. Rand Paul thrown in jail for asking a question.

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