Friday, January 31, 2020

Pelosi Tries to Take Credit for Trump’s Trade Deal
Dec 10, 2019....Rush Limbaugh show

RUSH: Greg in South Haven, Michigan. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.
CALLER: Hey, Rush, just absolutely wonderful to talk to you today. I’m talking to you on my iPhone 11, my brand-new iPhone 11. Anyway, a longtime listener here since you were on WLS in ’88. But here’s my issue, my comment to you is, Pelosi, after the ridiculous charade this morning of the articles of impeachment and all that phony crap they talked about.

They come out an hour later and try to talk about taking credit for the USMCA, saying that the original bill they got from the administration was terrible and it took ’em a whole year —
RUSH: Look.
CALLER: — to get it straightened up.
RUSH: I saw that exactly one hour after impeaching the president as a reprobate scumbag they go out and sign this Mexico trade agreement, the NAFTA replacement, claiming they — they’ve been holding it up for a year. Why, if this guy is so bad, why would you make any kind of a legislative agreement with him?
We’ll have more on this tomorrow, by the way.

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