Tuesday, April 21, 2020

California Upset Could Be Brewing For Democrats – For The First Time In 22 Years, Republicans Could Take Back House Seat In Special Election

Republicans took a hit in the House in 2018 Midterms when Democrats regained control. But their fortunes could be quickly changing.

It’s vital for President Trump’s agenda that he has ample support in Congress. We’ve seen what happens when Democrats get too much power: bogus impeachments and reckless spending.

Republicans haven’t taken a new House seat in CA since 1998, but that might change. And it could signal a wave across America.

From Washington Examiner:

The May 12 California special election House race to fill the seat vacated by former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill has become a more competitive contest for the GOP. The Cook Political Report shifted California’s 25th Congressional District from “Lean Democratic” to a “Toss Up.”

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