Thursday, April 23, 2020

Doc scorches lamestream media on Trump and Hydroxychloroquine  By Kelly  Apr 23, 2020

                         The very first time we heard of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) was during the early weeks of the pandemic and we saw that South Korea was using HCQ to great effect to suppress symptoms and speed up recovery. We ran articles about the cheapness of the drug, its natural origins and its surprising success as its more usually used to treat malaria, lupus and arthritis.

Then President Trump made a comment about it and all hell broke loose. Because he suggested it might work, it was IMMEDIATELY slated in the media as a terrible suggestion – one that could only come form an idiot.

Meanwhile other nations have been using it. In the US, patients who demanded it, recovered quickly. Naturally, Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson who was administered it in Australia where she displayed symtoms, complained that she had had side effects – this is common with the drug – but on the upside she is alive to tell the tale.

The media is adamantly opposed to HCQ because their Trump Derangement Syndrome gets in the way of any clear thought. When the AP reported on a VA study that reportedly found that — “Hydroxychloroquine, long touted by President Trump, is of no use treating Covid-19 and actually causes more deaths than standard care,” they cheered. The VA was quick to put out a message that they all ignored.

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