Tuesday, April 21, 2020

C***f V****a..... If I were the President, I would consider that a threat. Those are the precise words used to murder MLK, JFK, and Malcolm X and it should be taken seriously. This is a golden opportunity for FBI to restore integrity to a once respectable organization by going after these serious threats to the President’s life

Dems: If Trump Wins in 2020, We Will Just Repeat Impeachment Process   Keely Sharp  April 18, 2020

Democrats are so set on getting rid of Trump that they are already focused on impacting him again...and again....and again. Basically until they can actually impeach him from office.

Despite Democratic efforts, the House does not appear to be fully in agreement to impeach the president, and neither does the Senate. I think most people see through the lies presented by people like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

Someone has got to stop them

However, Democrats do not seem phased that they won't get to impeach Trump this go around because if they fail, they will likely just try again. I'm sure they have a whole slew of lies and whistleblowers just lined up.

Rep. Al Green told Buzzfeed that he plans to push the possibility of repeating the impeachment process.

“My prayer is that the Senate will take the articles seriously, that the President will be found guilty, and he’ll be removed from office, but if he isn’t, the constitution allows for additional articles of impeachment to be filed,” Green said.

“If the president commits impeachable offenses," he continued, "The president can be impeached more than once…so if the Senate doesn’t do its job and the President commits impeachable acts, he can still be impeached, and he can be impeached for impeachable acts that he’s already perpetrated that were not a part of this impeachment.”

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edutcher said...

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

Someone has got to stop them

Why? They're doing a swell job of destroying the Democrat party.