Sunday, April 19, 2020


Tucker Unveils China's 'Unremitting Propaganda War' That Has Taken Place for Years  Beth Baumann    Posted: Apr 18, 2020

It's no secret that China did everything in their power to cover up the Wuhan coronavirus. They were more concerned with how their image looked to the rest of the world instead of focusing on saving millions of lives around the globe. But what we're seeing from China is nothing new. In fact, how they have handled this crisis plays directly into their MO and their general handling of international catastrophes.

"To most in the United States, reactions to a crisis like this seems grotesque, really unimaginable. But to Mandarin speakers who have followed China carefully and have for a long time, these were highly familiar moves," Fox News' Tucker Carlson explained. "The first reflux of the Chinese government is always to lie in order to hide failure and avoid embarrassment."

Carlson listed off a couple of scenarios where China lied, including the SARS outbreak in 2003 and a train derailment in 2011. Instead of admitting that two trains collided and caused passenger cars to derail, the Chinese government used backhoes to bury the train cars, even though it appeared there were people still inside. Officials originally said a lightning strike caused the crash. Eventually, the government admitted the crash took place because of shoddy construction on the bridge where the trains collided. And the topper? State-owned media were told to ignore what happened unless there were positive spins to the story.

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