Monday, April 20, 2020

The headline of his article caught my eye, WELL....I finally found the "perverted" word about 6 paragraphs down. And they're right, the MEDIA has perverted "HOPE" The MEDIA doesn't want the American public to have hope in the true sense of the word. The MEDIA discourages every bit of "hope" coming out of the White House. The MEDIA bypasses how many people RECOVER from the virus, they'd rather talk about more severe cases and DEATH...!!

As We Fight The Wuhan Coronavirus, The Media Perverts This Four-Letter Word Because They Hate Trump   Matt Vespa    Posted: Apr 20, 2020

Not even in a national crisis can the liberal media act like they give a damn about other people than themselves and their Democratic allies on the Hill. The Wuhan coronavirus originated in China. It’s China’s fault that this became a pandemic. And now, because of Chinese incompetence, over 36,000 Americans are dead from it. Over 750,000 have been infected. And while new testing capabilities have been deployed, therapeutics are undergoing clinical trials, and the nation virtually undergoing a lockdown, the media blames Trump. The president is a victim of another shoddy narrative that he knew about the virus and dithered in his response. The whole month of February was a fact-finding period. And with less than 200 cases at the time, does anyone think the media would have supported the social distancing measures we’re experiencing now if enacted since everyone is playing Monday morning quarterback? No. They would have complained as well. They complained when Trump shut down incoming travel from China in late January, around the same time that he assembled the task force that’s seen giving updates daily to these ungrateful media clowns.


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