Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The media knows exactly where the virus came from....They just CANNOT agree with President Trump...!!

Why the Liberal Media Refused to Believe That the Wuhan Coronavirus Came from a Chinese Lab 
     By Matt VespPosted: Apr 22, 2020            

Chinese CNN ?

Almost everyone here has either covered it or mentioned it, but the liberal media’s affinity for peddling Chinese propaganda. Why? Well, it makes Trump look bad. It’s all about attacking this White House, no matter how absurd. It’s truly remarkable how fast the entire mainstream press corps became de facto spokespersons for the Chinese Communist Party. But ‘orange man…bad,’ right? It’s this knee-jerk reaction to attack anything Trump says that has led to the media becoming riddled with buckshot concerning its errors. They don’t care either. And for Republican senators, like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who mentioned that the Wuhan coronavirus could have escaped from a lab, he was crucified. Well, it looks like that might be the case, as reports are trickling in that this was a lab experiment gone awry. China was doing its own research on viruses, like we do here, except China obviously sucks at it. The wet market nearby was blamed to distract us from China’s rather embarrassing laboratory screw-up. And yet, maybe the media could have been ahead of the curve on this, but decided to look down the barrel of a shotgun again and stain the walls with their mess again (via Fourth Watch):


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