Sunday, January 17, 2021

A TRUE BACK STABBING RINO....Still crying after all these years that he didn't get elected as POTUS....?

Senator Mitt Romney

January 15 at 4:28 PM 

Thank you to the Utah National Guard members deploying to DC today to offer support for the presidential inauguration. We deeply appreciate your dedication and commitment to protecting lives, property and ensuring a peaceful transition of power.

D*****h S*********n

President Trump told people to March in peace to honor our legislators.
Antifa and BLM started the riots before the President stopped speaking. Arrests are being made, but traitors pushed a lightening impeachment without judicial review. We now have single party control. Our Constitution is under assault. Like the President , people can be charged and jailed for what ever the Democrats chose.

BLM listed Christian white males as the most dangerous group in America.
You are a white male Mr Romney, they will turn on you too.
Congratulations ! You participated in the downfall of a free society.

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