Tuesday, January 19, 2021

That's pretty funny, SCARED of those who are there to protect you...!!

12 National Guard Troops Removed From Inauguration As Enhanced Screenings For All 25,000 Troops Continue -
The Police Tribune 1/19/2021  Holly Matkin    43 mins ago

Democrats are stuck in this awkward position where they're terrified of people with guns, but also want the people with guns to protect them, so they're combing through the history of all of the National Guard members.

Washington, DC – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is conducting heightened security checks into each of the 25,000-plus National Guard troops coming to the U.S. Capitol for the Presidential inauguration amid concerns about a potential threat or inside attack from service members.

A U.S. official said on Tuesday that 12 Army National Guard members who allegedly have ties to far-right groups or posted alleged extremist views online have already been removed from the inauguration security mission, the Military Times reported.

Ten of the service members were removed from the mission due to alleged questionable behavior uncovered during an extensive vetting process, Army General Daniel Hokanson told CNN.

The other two National Guard members were removed due to allegedly “inappropriate” texts and comments, Hokanson said.

There is no information to indicate that the National Guard members have done anything unethical or illegal.

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