Saturday, January 23, 2021

NYT Contributor Taunts Conservatives in Sick Joke

President Joe Biden’s inaugural address focused on the theme of unity but clearly, other members of his party haven’t gotten the message. A contributing writer for the New York Times offered his sick idea of how Biden could convert his message of unity and it involves committing disgusting acts against former Vice President Mike Pence. Will Wilkinson mocked conservatives criticizing Biden’s policy agenda and insinuated that they could be happy if Pence was lynched.

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The Daily Wire reports:

Wilkinson serves as Vice President of Policy at the Niskanen Center, which has stated that “the Senate must vote to convict and disqualify Trump from any future federal office without delay” and “Members of Congress who vouched for the president’s lies about election fraud must also be sanctioned for their role.” The Center also opposes the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Wilkinson wrote one month after the 2020 election that the Trump administration was “incompetent”:

Having spent the past four years with the political equivalent of heavy metal music blasting outside their psychic windows late into the night, millions of Americans are hoping that the Biden administration will usher in a new era of calm. To a limited extent, such wishes will be granted. Under President Joe Biden, the White House will no longer generate a cacophony of incompetence.

Wilkinson also blasted the GOP.

… the GOP is ever more invested in a set of interlocking resentments – of liberal elites, of Black Americans, of feminism and nontraditional sexual identities, of immigrants, of rich cities, of poor cities, of all the emerging and dynamic quarters of the U.S. economy. Other than its bedrock commitment to upward redistribution of national wealth, the party’s compact with its voters entails little more than punishing weaker enemies or owning empowered libs.

While Biden continues to flout his call for unity between all Americans the media continued to treat conservatives like deplorable. The only way America can begin to heal is when Biden calls out the media for its role in stoking tempers across the country with its treatment of Republicans and Trump over the past years.


CT Ginger said...

I thought these knuckleheads wanted diversity; why do they call for unity?

Pappy said...

Sure they want UNITY..........ON THEIR TERMS...!